OptiGun Adapter

USB adapter too connect Arcade Light Guns

User Guides, Documents, and Drivers will be available soon.

The OptiGun adapter is a USB adapter that allows players to connect Arcade Light Guns to any USB based system. This universal adapter provides a complete solution to implement an arcade game including Gun Inputs, Force Feedback Outputs, digital inputs and built in audio amplifier. The adapter an also be used with PC based emualtors such as M.A.M.E. to connect arcade light guns on your home system.

The design supports input from both standard PC VGA connectors and arcade low/med resolution molex connectors. The design supports all arcade video resolutions:

  • Low Res 320x200 15.75KHz
  • Med Res 512x384 24.5 KHz
  • Std Res 640x480 31 KHz
  • SVGA 800x600 35.1 KHz
  • XGA 1024x768 37.5 KHz

Stereo amplifier built in.

  • Integrated heat sink, no fan required
  • 35W Stereo Amplifier
  • Proven circuit design used in over 50,000 units in the coin-op market

Supports off the shelf light guns.

  • Works with Happ & Betson / Imperial Guns & Rifles
  • No Modifications to guns or board required

24 digital inputs.

  • All inputs debounced
  • Allows board to be used as only I/O adapter, connecting coin inputs, start buttons, etc

8 digital outputs.

  • Supports 5v and 12v outputs
  • Works with industry standard coin counters
  • Supports guns with built in force feedback solenoids

USB 2.0 HID.

  • Interfaces to system as HID Standard 2 axis, joysticks
  • No Drivers Required
  • Works with Linux, Windows and other OS

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