Skill-based gambling for the masses

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About CasinoKat:

Casino Kat debuts in our 40" Deluxe Cocktail cabinet, an updated tribute to another arcade classic, but featuring an HD display running at 120Hz, a 4-way leaf-switch joystick, and ludicrously massive 18 inch subwoofer. Along with contemporary Electronic Dance Music (EDM) loops, players will see, hear, and feel the energy pumping out of the game!


"CasinoKat" is a Casual Skill-Based Gaming machine designed for gamblers who want to have fun! Skill matters!


"CasinoKat" is a fast-paced, fun, furry gambling machine with classic arcade maze-chase gameplay. Inspired by one of the world's most recognizable video games for more than 30 years, players have the chance to relive the excitement of 80's arcades with a modern presentation, and an opportunity to have their skill influence their chance to win real money.

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