LAS VEGAS, Sept. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoTech Entertainment (OTC Pink: NTEK), a pioneer in developing state-of-the-art gaming technology, will debut its line of new patent-pending technologies to the gaming industry at G2E 2014 Booth #2712 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas from September 30 to October 2. NanoTech will be showcasing its Vegas 2047, Advantage Play High Limit Pinball game that combines all of the new technology offerings from NanoTech Gaming Labs into a single, high-limit gaming machine. This game features the most realistic video pinball simulation ever created, using the most fluid and immersive visuals combined with a unique advantage betting system. Visitors to the G2E booth will be able to register for a NanoTech player's card, and compete to win a brand new Apple iPad each day of the show.

Aaron Hightower, NanoTech's Vice President of Gaming stated, "We are very excited to be showing the gaming industry its first glimpse of the future of Advantage Play technology with our patent-pending NanoTech Advantage system." By allowing game strategy to impact the expected value per bet, while retaining the operator's ability to adjust machines to meet their desired hold percentage, and operating within all local betting regulations, interactive game creators will be able to develop a new line of casino games that appeal to the recurring players."

Mark Nicely, of Nicely Done Gaming, an industry veteran and mathematics specialist stated "I've seen lots folk in the industry try to marry gambling and video game play -- myself included. NanoTech looks to be the first team to have finally succeeded. What the NanoTech team has done is truly compelling. Bravo." NanoTech worked with Nicely and Gaming Labs International to ensure that the system meets all of the criteria needed to be used by the industry.

In conjunction with the NanoTech Advantage, NanoTech is highlighting its specific implementation called the NanoTech Bet Cube. Bet Cube is a System that incorporates the Players bets and allows them to configure their bet within the entire domain of possible gambling parameters. By giving Players control over their bet amount, chance to win, bet frequency, pay multiple, and payout histogram, and divulging as much information as possible (such as the average expected house edge) the NanoTech Bet Cube provides more transparency than any system in any gaming machine, and lets the Player determine exactly how they want to gamble.

In addition to the new betting technology, NanoTech will also be showcasing its new patent-pending display technology, NanoTech Game Flow, which revolutionizes the clarity and motion of video gaming machine displays. Hightower continued, "By combining several video technologies as well as techniques that our team has been developing for over a decade, we are able to provide a clarity and smoothness to video displays that has never been seen before in this industry." NanoTech's demonstration will include a demonstration of Game Flow technology, showing side-by-side comparisons on 39" 4K Ultra HD displays, one stock and one using Game Flow, from a single video source. "By combining our patent-pending modifications to the display, and having the ability to run at 120Hz, GameFlow provides the most fluid visuals ever seen in the gaming industry," added Hightower.

Finally, NanoTech will be highlighting its new patent-pending input technology, NanoTech HVS, which allows for greater precision player interaction than ever seen before. Stephen Riesenberger, Creative Director for NanoTech Gaming Labs noted "By increasing the timing resolution of player inputs by an exponential factor, we have been able to eliminate any 'lag' in real time game feedback. It's amazing how much better and more responsive games feel using this technology." Machines using HVS can precisely measure a Player's skill in a game, whether in Casino or in Arcade Tournament settings, where real cash prizes and jackpots are at stake. The HVS system eliminates mechanical failures, input latency, and physics simulation latency in order to remove barriers between the videogame and the skill of the Player.

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